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[left to right] Splatticus Finch, Ballerinka, LEXecutioner, Thresher, MayhEM, mErica, Groot Force, Moulin Rude, KickAsh, OLIVE time & space, Ginga Snap'd, RocketPOP!, ThumpHER
[not pictured] Iron Butterfly, Rolling Thunder, Evil Beauty, Ratkowski, Thunder Crusher
[left to right] Slim & Shady, Intoxiskate, Rainbow Smash, Stagersaurus, Kiddo, Jitterbug, Special K, Jinx, Walker WrexUs, Danger!, Sparkles
 [not pictured] DonT BeA Baby, Rude Goreburg, Big Bad Wolf

2019 New Skater Program

[pictured left to right] What the Heckman, Mama Bear, KoKo LoKo, Sweet Dee Zaster, Jigsaw, Nitro, DrRed, Quiet Riot, Death Blossom, Lethal Beaux Peep, Tankerbelle, Black Eyed Suzie, Rogue Rage, Lucy Van Welt
[not pictured] Kelly Kreuger, Ali Cat, Swat Tamale, Skamikaze, Megan