About Brandywine


December 2010, a small group of people got together and decided that flat track roller derby should be happening in Chester County, PA!
Brandywine Roller Girls was born!


BRG became a full WFTDA member in 2013, and debuted in Division 2 at #52!


BRG's charter roster, the Belligerents, went to D2 playoffs for the first time (Duluth, MN)!


BRG's charter roster, the Belligerents, went to D2 playoffs for the second time (Cleveland, OH)!
BRD Takes first place in D2 Playoffs in Kansas, goes on to Champs to win 2nd place in all of D2!


Name change from Brandywine Roller Girls to Brandywine Roller Derby to be inclusive of all of our members!

The rolling continues...

About Roller Derby...

The flat track kind, played by WFTDA rules!

How does this fast paced game work?!

The Players: It can be confusing to pick out players from the fast-moving pack.

Here’s a who’s who:
Each team’s pivot wears a striped helmet cover. The leader of the pack, the pivot sets the pack’s pace, rallies their team...and is the last defense against opposing jammers.

Blockers assist their jammer and defend against the opposing jammer with hip-checks, hard hits and agile moves.

And no bout would be complete without jammers. The only point-scorers in roller derby, these lightning-fast skaters sport stars on their helmets.
The Jam: Each period is split up into “jams,” which can last up to two minutes. Only five players from each team may be on the track at a time. After lining up on the track, one pivot and three blockers from each team take off in a “pack” at the head ref’s single whistle.
(whistle blows and the pack skates)
Lead Jammer: The first jammer to legally pass the pack is declared lead jammer. The lead jammer may call off the jam at any time by placing their hand on their hips.
The first jammer through, if they were skatin’ dirty, might not get lead jammer status – it could be the other jammer.  Then again, there might be NO lead jammer, in which case the jam lasts two minutes.
The Score: Scoring begins when the jammers pass the pack for the second time, accruing one point per opposing team member passed within bounds. Blockers play offense and defense simultaneously, blocking the opposing jammer while helping their own jammer score.
When the 1st jammer gets through the pack and the 2nd jammer reaches it the lead jammer will call off the jam by tapping their hands on her hips.

Do we make money?

Nope. But that’s okay.
We are all amateur (and thus unpaid) skaters who not only practice and bout, but we also do everything needed to keep the league running. This includes planning and hosting events, fundraising, creating all our promotional materials andmerchandise, public relations, web design and much more.
In addition, we are responsible for purchasing and maintaining our own gear and uniforms. All of our volunteers (our league coach, referees, officials, and production staff) are also unpaid and help us because they love derby and know how incredible it is to be part of something amazing!
And like many of the roller derby leagues around the country, we also donate a portion of our bout proceeds to local charities, and spend time volunteering at events and fundraisers.
Reach out to our Sponsorship group to learn more about how you can be a part of Team BRD! We are a 501(c)3 non-profit and all donations to our organization are tax deductible!