Who are  we?

Through the Years...
  1. 2019
    BRD- Come one, Come all!
    Brandywine Roller Derby officially opens its doors to all genders!
  1. 2016
    BRG- now BRD
    Brandywine Roller Derby, formerly known as Brandywine Roller Girls, changed names in 2016 to be more inclusive and true to the amazing skaters that are such a huge part of our derby family. Brandywine Roller Derby takes first place in Division 2 Playoffs in Kansas, then go on to Champs... winning silver- second place in the whole division!
  2. 2014
    BRG @ Division 2 Playoffs
    Brandywine Roller Girls' charter roster, the Belligerents, went to Duluth, MN to play in the Division 2 playoffs for the first time in our history!
  3. 2013
    BRG Takes The Track
    Brandywine Roller Girls became a full WFTDA member in 2013! We debuted at a solid #52 in the Division 2 rankings!
  4. 2010
    BRG Is Born!
    One chilly December 2010, a small but dedicated group of people got together and decided what Chester County needed- a flat track roller derby team, of course! Through their hard work and perseverance... Brandywine Roller Girls was born!
About Roller Derby...

The flat track kind, played by WFTDA rules!

Here's a little crash course on the sport we love so much!

Each game, or 'bout', is made up of two 30 minute periods. Each period is split into 'jams'- which can last up to two minutes. 
A jam may be cut short by a jammer in the 'lead' position- the only player who has the ability to call the end of a jam by tapping both hands on their hips. 

The aim of this fast paced game is for your team's jammer to pass as many of the opposing team's members as possible. The pivot and blockers simultaneously play defense against the opposing jammer, while playing offense for their jammer, so their jammer can get through more easily. 

You've got  1 Jammer, 1  Pivot, and 3 Blockers for each team lining up each time on the track!

Jammers are the only point scorers in roller derby. They sport stars on their helmets.

Pivots have a stripe on their helmet cover.

If a jammer is in a pinch, they can remove their star, and pass it to the pivot- and the pivot only. Once that happens, the pivot is now a jammer, and they are the people scoring points for their team. 

Blockers assist their jammer by blocking all opposing players- the opposing team's blockers, pivot, and jammer- who will try to halt their jammer's progress.

It is essential all of these positions work together to stop the opposing jammer, while helping their jammer rack up the points!

One jammer, one pivot, and three blockers line up for the beginning of each jam. The ref's whistle tweets, and what seems like pure chaos breaks out! Each jammer is fighting for lead position. In order to obtain the lead position, the jammer must be the first out of the 'pack'- which is the group with the most skaters in it. Once lead is called it cannot be transfered- but it can be lost, either by a lead jammer penalty, or a star pass from a jammer to a pivot. If lead is lost, the jam timer will run for the full two minutes!

Come see this in action at one of our games- and our skaters will be around! We are more than happy to help explain the game, or answer any questions you may have!