​Board of Directors
Board of Directors
Samantha Flowers
Samantha Flowers...
Executive Board
Ashlea Knippenberg joined BRD in 2014 and became an active board member in 2016. Ashlea is studying to complete her PhD in Behavioral Health Psychology. In her spare time she chases her six year old son around.
Vice President
Executive Board
Kath Poehler
Kath Poehler began coaching with BRD in January 2011, and became a Board member in February 2011. Kath is 44 and has a Masters of Education from Suffolk University in Boston.  From 2003 until 2007, she owned and operated a dog walking, sitting and training business in the Boston area.  After relocating to Chester County in 2007, she opened and is running a similar type business in this area.
Executive Board
Jessica Francovitch
Executive Board
Jessica Francovitch joined BRD in 2015 and became an active Board member in 2016.
Sarah Puco
Sarah Puco joined BRD in 2015 and became an active Board Member in 2017. She holds a Bachelor of Music in Bass Trombone Performance from West Chester University and is a freelance trombonist in the tri-state area."
Executive Board
Kayla Blessing began skating with BRD in November 2013 and became an active Board member in December 2014.
Kayla Blessing
Alli Schell
Alli Schell joined BRD in October 2015 and became an active Board member in May 2016.
Jennifer Ratkowski
Jennifer Ratkowski started skating with BRD in February 2011. She became an active Board member as Treasurer from 2012-2014 and has come back to the Board in 2016 as Production Head.
Liz Guers
Liz Guers joined BRD in June 2015 and became an active Board member in December 2016. She holds a Bachlors of Arts Degree from Millersville University. She works at Alert-All Corporation, fire safety educational materials for kids, as Graphic Designer. She is also been captian of the Pennsylvania All-Stars Roller Derby state team since 2015. When she's not on skates, she loves hanging out with her 4 giant pups, The Goops, and her husband Andy.
Abbey Swan
Abbey Swan began skating with BRD in 2015 and became an active Board member in 2016.
Thomas Francovitch
Thomas Francovitch joined BRD in 2016 and became an active Board member in 2016.
Mia Fabrizio
Mia Fabrizio began skating with Brandywine Roller Derby in September 2011, and was formerly BRD’s 2014 Vice President. She has held the President role since January 2015-December 2016. Mia is 36 and is a graduate from Arcadia University. She teaches Graphic Arts (among other things) to 6th graders in the Montgomery County public school district. Mia participates in other local sports leagues in the MontCo region.